Publikationen 2016

Script list Publications

(1) SEPHY: An Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver for Space
J. Lopez, P. Reviriego, M. Sanchez-Renedo, V. Petrovic, J.F. Dufour, J.S. Weil
Proc. 6th International Workshop on Analogue and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits for Space Applications (AMICSA 2016), 126 (2016)

(2) An Embedded Sensor Node Microcontroller with Crypto-Processors
G. Panic, O. Stecklina, Z. Stamenkovic
Sensors 16, 607 (2016)
DOI: 10.3390/s16050607, (myAirCoach)
Wireless sensor networks find their use in broad spectrum of applications, from industry automation and environmental monitoring to military surveillance and medicine. In many applications, the content of monitored data is highly sensitive and must be protected from any type of malicious attacks. Facing security challenges in wireless sensor networks is mainly restricted by the limited power and computing resources of sensor devices, small memory, unsecure radio channels and susceptibility to physical capture. In this article, the TNODE, an embedded sensor node microcontroller, designed to support sensor network applications with severe security demands is presented. TNODE features a low power 16-bit RISC processor core supported by a number of hardware accelerators designed to perform complex operations required by advanced crypto algorithms. The microcontroller integrates an embedded Flash and an 8-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter making it a suitable solution for small-size sensor node devices. The article discusses the most important issues related to security in wireless sensor networks and presents the architecture of the proposed hardware solution. Furthermore, it gives details on the chip implementation, verification and hardware evaluation. Finally, the power and performance of the chip have been discussed and analyzed.

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