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Tutorial on silicon-photonic IC design in IHPs SG25H5 EPIC



PDK Tutorial will take place on 29-30 September 2021

Tutorial Fee

250 Euro for research institutions and universities / 500 Euro for industry



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An intensive course on Electronic-Photonic IC (EPIC) design methodology using the IHP Design Kit.


The aim of this course is to enable designers of high performance integrated circuits to understand the design methodology for electronic-photonic ICs and gain insight into the design flow implemented for the IHP SG25H5_EPIC technology. The practical examples given are based on 0.25 µm SiGe:C photonic BiCMOS technology, Cadence, IPKISS and Tanner EDA, design steps will be practised on workstations.

Course contents:

  • Electronic-photonic design kit (overview & installation)
  • Schematic & layout of a simple EPIC design
  • Technology information and MPW tape-in procedure

The course schedule will contain the following topics and will be given at a later date:

  • Introduction to tutorial and IHP silicon photonic MPW service
  • Electronic-photonic design kit
  • EPIC design example from schematic to layout (hands-on)
  • Luceda EDA Solution for photonic design
  • Electronic-photonic IC design flow using Tanner EDA
  • Parametric layout design using IPKISS (hands-on)
  • Design kit documentation and support
  • Best practices for electronic-photonic IC design
  • Electro-photonic design finalization with Tanner EDA and IPKISS design flow (demo)

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