Połączyć – Verbinden – Interfacing

Under the motto “Połączyć-Verbinden-Interfacing“, the joint laboratory IHP/PUT pursues the goal of promoting cross-border exchange between students and young scientists from Germany and Poland. The cooperation between the Poznan University of Technology and IHP provides an ideal platform for students to gain insight into material science for modern silicon microelectronics. Internships and master/bachelor theses of PUT students are supported to gain first-hand scientific experience in the field at IHP.

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    The research focus of the Joint Lab is the development of:  

    • surface studies an GeSn-alloys
    • development of germanium-based plasmonic nanoantennas

    Currently two different fields of research are pursued within the IHP/PUT Joint Lab. First, the many years of experience and expertise of PUT in ultra-high-vacuum technology and scanning tunneling microscopy in combination with the IHP‘s surface-science-cluster offer exciting links to current GeSn surface science at IHP.

    Second, the development of CMOS-compatible plasmonics requires excellent material properties, such as highly doped germanium with high mobility and the exploration of nanostructures of different geometries. The combination of expertise of IHP in semiconductor processing and of PUT in nanofabrication are leveraged towards the development of germanium-based plasmonics nanoantennas that enable enhanced terahertz spectroscopy of organic molecules, toward applications in biosensing.

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    1. Growth and evolution of nickel germanide nanostructures on Ge(001),
      T. Grzela, G. Capellini, W. Koczorowski, M. A. Schubert, R. Czajka, N. J. Curson, I. Heidmann, Th. Schmidt, J. Falta, T. Schroeder,
      Nanotechnology 26, 385701 (2015)
    2. Ba Termination of Ge(001) Studied with STM
      W. Koczorowski, T. Grzela, M.W. Radny, S.R. Schofield, G. Capellini, R. Czajka, T. Schroeder, N.J. Curson
      Nanotechnology 26, 155701 (2015)
    3. Interface and Nanostructure Evolution of Cobalt Germanides on Ge(001)
      T. Grzela, W. Koczorowski, G. Capellini, R. Czajka, M.W. Radny, N. Curson, S.R. Schofield, M.A. Schubert, T. Schroeder
      Journal of Applied Physics 115, 074307 (2014)
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    It is the very aim of the Joint Lab IHP-PUT to overcome national borders and combine education and training activities at IHP and PUT. A further important partner is here the Institute of Physics and Chemistry at the Technology University of Brandenburg in Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU-CS) where a German-Polish B.Sc. study program is established in Physics together with PUT. The role of IHP is to offer internships for students from PUT and BTU-CS to receive training in “state-of-the-art” materials science as well as in modern Si technology equipment. Furthermore, a German-Polish Summer School is regularly organized to bring together students from Polish and German Universities with a broad range of experts in the field of Si micro- and nanoelectronics.

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