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DC/CV Parameter Testing in Cleanroom and Labs


SPC (statistical parameter control), Reliability testing on wafer (-60°C to 125°C) and at packaged devices, Yield Improvement, failure analysis, Prototype device developments (radiation tolerant RF power devices: MOS, LDMOS, LDHBT), comprehensive characterization of interface and bulk properties of the MOS system, Electrostatic discharge characterization (ESD-testing).


  • DC/CV and pulsed-signal techniques using single probes, wedges and probecards
  • Simmultaneous HF/LF MOS-CV techniques in non-steady state non-equilibrium
  • Ring oscillator measurements for determining of gate delays is sub ps range
  • Transmission Line Pulser (TLP) for ESD testing 1/f noise measurements


  • DC-Parameter Testers (Keithley S630) with full automatic 8" wafer probers in cleanroom and labs
  • DC/CV Parameter Test Systems (Agilent 4156C, 4294A) with semi-automatic 8" and 12" wafer probers
  • Cryogenic probe station for DC-, RF- and S-Parameter measurements, 4" chuck, T down to liquid He-temperature
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