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Analogue wake-up techniques and energy harvesting in integrated wireless radios



  • Derive the requirements for the wake-up system from realistic application scenarios
  • Research the best methods to reach these requirements in the areas of analogue circuit design and digital signal processing
  • Investigate methods to protect wake-up systems from attacks without increasing power consumptions
  • Develop suitable energy-harvesting methods in view of the target applications and the system components
  • Implement the wake-up system components and integrate them to prototypical wake-up-enabled sensor nodes
  • Evaluate the system by real application scenarios. The implemented wake-up architecture will be carefully evaluated not only in lab environment, but also in field tests

IHP`s Contribution


  • Innovative wake-up receiver design at 868 MHz
  • Comparison CMOS vs. SiGe-BiCMOS
  • Research and implementation of secure wake up
  • High-Q passives for wake-up receiver


The project receives funding from Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Project Partners


  • advICo microelectronics GmbH
  • Fraunhofer IIS
  • lesswire AG
  • TU Dresden

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