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Digital beam Forming For low-cost multi-static spacE-boRnEsyNtheticaperTure radars


  • Development of low-cost highly-integrated compact radar for formation flying multistatic SAR applications.
  • Reach unprecedented levels of integration, modularity and compactness for SAR antennas and RF front-ends, while tackling the challenge of high resolution and wide swath imaging through wide-bandwidth operation and Digital Beam Forming (DBF) techniques.
  • The cost, mass and power consumption of SAR can be reduced significantly, due to the passive (i.e., receive only) radar concept.
  • The capabilities of SAR will be further enhanced by employing a dual-band (C/X) SAR concept where a shared-aperture dual-band dual-polarized array antenna will be integrated with the RF front ends.

IHP`s Contribution

  • Digital Beamforming Network (DBFN) baseband design
  • Chip manufacturing and test


This FP7 project is funded by the European Community under the Grant Agreement number 606923.

Project Partners

  • Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e. V. (DLR)
  • Evatronix SA
  • ISIS - Innovative Solutions In Space B.V.
  • Silicon Radar GmbH
  • University of Calabria
  • University of Kent
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