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A Telemedicine System Empowering Stroke Patients to Fight Back


The StrokeBack Project (01.10.2011 – 30.09.2014) intends to develop an automated remote rehabilitation system by blending advances of ICT and practical clinical knowledge that will empower the patients and their immediate carer for effective application of the rehabilitation protocol in home settings. StrokeBack will combine state-of-the-art monitoring devices forming a wireless Body Area Network that enable simultaneous measurement of multiple vital parameters and currently executed movements that are particularly of interest from a Stroke rehabilitation point of view. The measured parameters will be fused using advanced feature extraction and classification algorithms processed on-body, which will denote the accuracy of the executed exercise. The training parameters along with vital data will be stored in a patient health record to which the responsible clinicians and therapists have access so that they can dynamically update the rehabilitation program. By employing manual intervention only when actually necessary, it will eliminate costly human intervention and thereby significantly reduce the associated costs. The increased rehabilitation speed as well as the fact that the rehabilitation training can be done at home directly improves quality of life of patients. To sum up StrokeBack will increase rehabilitation speed while reducing cost by targeting the following main objectives:

  1. Telemedicine supervision of rehabilitation exercise.
  2. Continuous monitoring of impact of the exercises also in “normal” life situations.
  3. Integration of telemedicine rehabilitation and Personal Health Records for improved long term evaluation of patient recovery.
  4. Providing feedback to health care professionals on the impact of rehabilitation exercises.

IHP`s Contribution

  • Project Coordination
  • System and sensor node design
  • Integrated privacy and security means
  • Demonstrator
  • Field tests and technical support for clinical trials


The project is funded by EU FP7 (288692).

Total budget: 4,300,561.00€; EU contribution: 3,030,978.00€

Selected Publications

Steffen Ortmann, Peter Langendörfer, Cecília Sík Lányi: Telemedical assistance for ambulant rehabilitation of stroke patients, 9th World Congress on Brain Injury, Edinburgh, Scotland, March, 2012.


Steffen Ortmann, Peter Langendörfer: A telemedicine system for improved rehabilitation of stroke patients, International Conference on Health Informatics, Algarve, Portugal, February, 2012.

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