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Secure code execution in pervasive environment


Embedded devices and systems, which are closely coupled with physical systems, become are and more important in the next future. For protecting application running on these systems common approaches are not feasible. It is required that these systems are free of known attack vectors and that security functions are easy to use and highly configurable. In addition, energy, communication as well as cost efficiency have to take into account during the design and implementation of embedded systems.


The project UNIKOPS aims to tackle all these requirements by providing a universal configurable security solution for embedded systems. It addresses a broad variety of applications, e.g. SCADA, smart metering, internet of things and ambient assisted living, and takes energy efficiency and small resource requirements into account. As minor goals to guarantee systems integrity an on-demand function clearing, a trustworthy data fusion of monitored and transmitted data and a detection of protocol attacks and data manipulations will be investigated and implemented.

IHP`s Contribution

The IHP is working on a code encryption unit for a secure sealing of the microcontrollers. Cryptographic methods are used to prevent a broad variety of known attacks. Furthermore, the IHP is investigating in methods to detect anomalies and misuse in wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks are vulnerable for data manipulation and protocol attacks. The regular nature of their protocols and workflows open the opportunity for using anomaly detection approaches with quite few resources.


The project is funded by BMBF program IT Security under funding number 01BY1040.

Project Partners


  • ESCRYPT GmbH - Embedded Security
  • Offenburg University of Applied Sciences
  • Ruhr-Universität Bochum

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