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0.13 µm BiCMOS

130nm SiGeC BiCMOS technology development


Develop a 130nm SiGeC BiCMOS technology as the next generation for the IHP foundry service and as a research platform for RF technology, circuits, and systems. The first process generation SG13S [1] with peak fT/fmax values of 240GHz/330GHz will be qualified in 2011. Further increased RF performance will provided in the second process generation SG13G2 [2] which utilizes a new HBT generation with record fT/fmax values of 300GHz/500GHz [3] developed within the European project DOTFIVE.


The high-speed 130nm BiCMOS technology will facilitate system-on-a-chip solutions for wireless and broadband communication systems by the IHP circuit and system design groups and by IHP customers. The 130nm technology platform will extend the capability of the IHP to demonstrate new solutions on the device, circuit, and system levels.

Ausgewählte Publikationen

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