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Monolithic, electro-optical co-integration for the realization of high end sampler ASICs


Working out the fundamentals of monolithically integrated, optically clocked systems: The jitter of electronically generated clocks and clock distribution structures is a limiting factor for the performance of clocked systems in the GS/s range. Mode-locked lasers generate pulsed light signals which show 1-2 orders of magnitude lower jitter compared to electronic-only approaches. Therefore, the use of a mode-locked laser based clock generation let us expect a strong improvement in the dynamic range of such circuits. The particular goal of this project is the development of monolithically integrated demonstrators proving the jitter improvement when using a mode locked laser as a clock source.

Beitrag des IHP

  • Development of waveguide-coupled Ge photodiodes with about 80 GHz optical bandwidth
  • Integration of the Ge photodiodes in the FEOL of IHP`s high-performance SiGe BiCMOS process SG25H1 to form a photonic BiCMOS technology
  • Stabilization of the new photonic BiCMOS process
  • Realization of monolithic integrated optoelectronic circuits with the partner Rohde & Schwarz under use of the new photonic BiCMOS process
  • Development, provision, and actualization of an optoelectronic process design kit
  • Enabling on-wafer measuring of essential parameters of optical and opto-electronic components


Project is funded by the BMBF with 0.66 Mill € (IHP portion, over 3 years)


  • Rohde & Schwarz GmBH & Co. KG
  • Uni Stuttgart (IHT)
  • TU Berlin
  • JCMWave GmBH
  • Advanced Laser Diode Systems A.L.S. GmBH

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Das Gebäude und die Infrastruktur des IHP wurden finanziert vom Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung, von der Bundesregierung und vom Land Brandenburg.