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Silicon Photonics Enabling Exascale Data Networks


SPEED creates a platform for development, manufacturing and packaging of application-specific electro-photonic integrated circuits (ePICs) in Silicon. ePICs combine electronic and optical functions on a single semiconductor chip, delivering better performance, smaller footprint and lower cost than competing solutions. Target applications are board-mount optical transceivers for ultra-high-speed data center interconnects.

Beitrag des IHP

IHP develops the SPEED ePIC technology, which is a photonics enabled high-performance BiCMOS technology on 200mm wafers. IHP contributes with technology development for high-speed tranceivers, technology integration, circuit design, fabrication, characterization and design kit development.


This project is funded by the BMBF.


  • ADVA
  • AEMtec
  • Finetech
  • FhG IZM
  • TU Berlin

Ausgewählte Publikationen

D. Petousi, P. Rito,  St. Lischke, D. Knoll, I. Garcia Lopez, M. Kroh, R. Barth, Ch. Mai, A.C. Ulusoy, A. Peczek, G. Winzer, K. Voigt, D. Kissinger, K. Petermann, L. Zimmermann, "Monolithically integrated high-extinction-ratio MZM with a segmented driver in photonic BiCMOS", Photonics Technology Letter, vol. 28, no. 24, pp.2866-2869, December 2016


Pedro Rito; Iria García López; Despoina Petousi; Lars Zimmermann; Marcel Kroh; Stefan Lischke; Dieter Knoll; Daniel Micusik; Ahmed Awny; Ahmet Cagri Ulusoy; Dietmar Kissinger; “A Monolithically Integrated Segmented Linear Driver and Modulator in EPIC 0.25-μm SiGe:C BiCMOS Platform”, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 64(12), 4561-72, 2016


S. Lischke, D. Knoll, C. Mai, A. Awny, G. Winzer, M. Kroh, K. Voigt, L. Zimmermann, “Monolithic photonic BiCMOS technology for high-speed receiver applications” Proceedings ICTON, Girona, Spain, 2017

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