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Advanced Technological Solutions for X band Earth Observation Systems


The ATOS project will develop and qualify a new generation of X band T/R modules, based on GaN HEMT and SiGe BiCMOS technology, with innovative packaging techniques that minimize the footprint, and will integrate a set of T/R modules in a demonstrator of a high-efficiency densely populated AESA tile to be verified in radiated tests. Such development will enable future space-borne AESA radars at X band with at least a 3x leap in bandwidth, power density and/or azimuth steering capability with respect to current SAR AESAs developed in Europe, and will also enable or drastically improve compact solutions based on array-fed large unfurlable reflectors on small platforms.

Beitrag des IHP

Manufacturing and test of radiation tolerant SiGe BiCMOS X-band core chip ASIC.


    European Commission Horizon2020


    • Thales Alenia Space S.p.A
    • Saphyrion
    • MEC, Microwave Electronics for Communications
    • University of L’Aquila
      Das Gebäude und die Infrastruktur des IHP wurden finanziert vom Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung, von der Bundesregierung und vom Land Brandenburg.