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Technische Universität Berlin - Siliziumphotonik

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SITOGA is an EU reserch project that addresses the integration of transition metal oxides (TMO) materials in silicon photonics and CMOS electronics. SITOGA focuses on two disruptive TMO materials, barium titanate (BaTiO3) and vanadium oxide (VO2), for developing advanced photonic integrated devices for a wide range of applications. BaTiO3 will be used to develop an electro-optical modulator with bandwidth above 40GHz and drive voltage below 2V. The electrically-triggered, ultra-large change in VO2 refractive index will be exploited to build an electro-optical switching component with power consumption below 10µW and footprint below 50 µm2.


GALACTICO is an EU application-driven research project that aims to provide a photonic technology platform to disrupt the transition from 10/40 Gb/s to high-capacity Terabit long-haul networks. To achieve this goal, GALACTICO aims to squeeze current bulk and costly 100GbE interfaces into compact and cost-efficient silicon-based photonic integrated circuits. GALACTICO aims to provide future-proof scalability towards TbE by demonstrating fully integrated multi-GbE coherent transmitters and receivers that deliver a massive amount of aggregate bandwidth.


MERMIG invests in the right mix of silicon photonic CMOS-compatible component fabrication and nano-imprint lithography laser fabrication for developing low-cost, compact, and power-efficient gyroscopes responding to the need for robust IMUs. Both technologies are being adopted by the terrestrial telecom market and MERMIG will develop them for bringing their unique advantages into space sensor systems.


ESSenTIAL brings silicon photonics within reach of European small and medium sized enterprises - building on the track record of the Silicon Photonics Platform ePIXfab, and its integration into Europractice. ESSenTIAL will offer affordable access to standardized active and passive silicon photonic IC and packaging technology, a path from design to manufacturing and hands-on training.

Logo: Helios
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Helios is an EU large scale integration project that aims to combine photonic layers with CMOS circuits using microelectronics fabrication processes. The project activities include the development of laser sources and fast modulators using silicon-based and heterogeneous integration of III-V on silicon.

Das Gebäude und die Infrastruktur des IHP wurden finanziert vom Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung, von der Bundesregierung und vom Land Brandenburg.