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Medical Technology

IHP's strength for medical applications is based on its merged competencies in materials, semiconductor technology, RF circuit design and wireless systems. It is completed by partnerships in medical research & industry. Key hard- & software components are available and can be used as basic blocks for new applications. Examples of IHP's portfolio are wireless sensor nodes with low-power consumption or security capabilities, Gigabit Wireless LAN, RF sensors as well as MEMS technologies. Typical applications of IHP's technical solutions are in the field of integrated sensors, telemedicine and habitat monitoring.



Middleware-platform for internet-based telemedicinal support

Telemedicine Rehablititation

Integration of telemedicine rehabilitation and personal health records for improved long-term evaluation of patient recovery

Sensor nodes

Sensor networks for biomedical applications

Point-of-care diagnostics

Autonomous point-of-care diagnostic tool for blood parameter detection

Affinity viscosimetry of glucose

MEMS-based glucose sensor

Impedance Bio-Sensor at 120 GHz

Chip for cell detection:

VCO + Transducer + Detector

Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors

SAW-based devices for mass loading sensing

Photonic Sensors

mass loading based shift of resonance frequency


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