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Seminars 2015

18.  Hardware Isolation Mechanism for Security Mitigation in Systems-on-Chip and Networked
Prof. Christophe Bobda, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA,


17.  System-on-Chip Radio-Frequency Transceivers for Communication and Sensing

       Domenico Zito, University College Cork & Tyndall National Institute, Ireland, 17.12.2015


16.  Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy on Graphene and Graphene Devices

       Carlos Alvarado Chavarin , Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany, 14.12.2015


15. Multiscale Simulation of Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices

       Prof. Aldo Di Carlo, Dept. Electronics Engineering, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Roma, Italy,


14.  Doped Graphene as Transparent Electrode in Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs)
Arun Jo Kuruvila, FH Deggendorf, Germany, 06.11.2015


13.  Bipolar Resistive RAM based on HfO2: Physics, Compact Modeling, and Variability Control
Prof. Paulo Pavan & Dr. Fransesco Puglisi, Dipartimento di Ingegneria "Enzo Ferrari", Università degli 
        Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia, Italy, 02.11.2015


12.  Light Emission from Si-based Quantum Dots
Prof. Dr. Seiichi Miyazaki, Department of Quantum Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer
        Science Graduate School of Engineering Nagoya University Furo-cho, Japan, 23.10.2015


11.   Funktionale reaktive Programmierung
Dr. Wolfgang Jeltsch, Technische Universität Tallinn (TUT), Estonia, 15.10.2015


10.   The Future of Nanoelectronics

         Dr. Walter Riess, IBM Zürich, Switzerland, 12.10.2015


09.  Applications of Dynamics in Complex Environments to Nanotechnology
Prof. Rigoberto Hernandez, School of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Georgia Institute of Technology,
        Atlanta, USA, 09.10.2015


08.  Semiconductor Plasmonics for Terahertz Frequency Applications
        Prof. Dr. Bernd Witzigmann, Universität Kassel, Germany, 08.10.2015


07.  Broadband Electrical Detection of Individual Biological Cells
        Prof. Xuanhong Cheng and Prof. James C. M. Hwang, Lehigh University, USA, 11.09.2015


06.  Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Novel Nanostructures Towards Perspective Device Applications
        Dr. Alexander Tonkikh, Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Halle, Germany, 08.09.2015


05.  Integration of Polymer Based Microfluidics with Silicon Photonics for Biosensing
Kristinn B. Gylfason, Micro and Nanosystems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden,


04.  Polymer Brushes as Toolbox for "Smart" Nanostructured Surfaces

        Dr. Petra Uhlmann, Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden, Germany, 16.06.2015


03.  Test Challenges in VLSI Circuits and Design for Testability (DFT)
        Prof. Hafizur Rahaman, Indian Institute of Engineering Scienes and Technology (IIEST), Shibpur,
        India, 10.06.2015 


02.   Si Photonics Given by Sn-related Group IV Semiconductors

         Noriyuki Taoka, Department of Crystalline Materials Science, Graduate School of Engineering
         Japan (now IHP), 12.02.2015


01.  48V/100W Integrated Circuits using Fast Low-Voltage Si-Technologies
        Prof. Nikolay T. Tchamov, Tampere Univ. Technology (TUT), Finland, 20.01.2015



The building and the infrastructure of the IHP were funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, funds of the Federal Government and also funds of the Federal State of Brandenburg.