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Jan Wessel



Circuit Design Department

Why did you choose IHP?

The IHP called my attention because of the cooperation between the institute and the Ruhr University in Bochum where I studied electrical engineering with the main area of micro- and nanotechnology. I absolutely wanted to do research and develop circuits. Moreover, I was looking for a place to do my diploma thesis close to Berlin. Fortunately, my professor agreed on an external diploma thesis and this is how I came to the IHP. Before I started working here, I was not completely aware of all the advantages. But the outstanding technology, the interdisciplinary cooperation between all the other scientists who are working here and last but not least the excellent working atmosphere made me stay here and to start doing my doctorate.


How would you describe a typical working day at IHP? What are the most interesting aspects of your work at IHP?

I am working in the circuit design department, which means that we are developing circuits, e.g. for wireless communication. Within my PHD thesis, I am focusing on bio sensing circuits and sensors. With the aid of these sensors we try to gain information about the properties of certain bio materials, like the number of cells in a fluid or the water content of a sample for food quality control. For us it is very important to learn about the processes in bio materials at very high frequencies beyond 100 GHz, since it is not thoroughly explored yet. At these high frequencies, physical dimensions of the circuits become much smaller and hence a much higher integration level can be reached. All the relevant components can be integrated on one chip. At the IHP I have the unique opportunity to develop circuits which are manufactured right at the IHP and also tested here. Thus, I can conclude and follow the whole process until the very end.


What are your next career goals?

When I finish my PhD thesis, I really would like to continue doing scientific work in the field I am already working right now. I would like to stay at the IHP and to gain more experience in the field of high frequency circuit design approaching the THz region. The development of circuits in this frequency domain is challenging and perfect for science. By now, I do not know exactly to which extent I am going to do scientific work. Maybe, someday I will be working as a professor or so- but it will be willingly research!

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