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Niklas Kroh


Mechatronic technician/former trainee at the IHP

Technology Department



What are the most notable aspects of your work at the IHP?

As a mechatronic technician, I work in the Maintenance Department. In the clean room it's our job to check the functions of the machines and instruments, to eliminate any faults and to carry out repairs. The kind of repair work required can be very varied; for instance, entire components may need to be replaced or the parameters adjusted. In addition to that I deal with 3D printing and CNC milling.


Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship at the IHP?

There were four good reasons for choosing the IHP:

  • The opportunity to participate in the search for solutions to current research problems.
  • Working with people from other countries.
  • I'm able to learn a great deal and gain an insight into other fields of work.
  • And most important: The work offers a lot of variety. We carry out all types of mechanical work for the staff at the institute as a whole. The staff expect perfect solutions that work well. These range from constructing simple parts to designing complex components for the clean room equipment.


What are your career goals?

First of all, I want to gain work experience. Thanks to the takeover after my apprenticeship I can stay at the IHP. Besides, I want to study via distance learning mechanical engineering, specializing in mechatronics extra-occupationally.

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