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RF Circuits

Unsere Projekte

Die Realisierung der Forschungsprogramme erfolgt mit Hilfe eines regelmäßig aktualisierten Portfolios von Projekten auf Basis einer mittelfristigen Roadmap. Die Aktualisierung geschieht aufgrund inhaltlicher Erfordernisse sowie der Möglichkeiten für Kooperationen und Finanzierung. Projects Overview

In this program integrated mm-wave circuits & synthesizers, broadband mixed-signal circuits and circuits for ultra-low-power wireless applications will be designed and realized as prototypes.


Integrated millimeter-wave RF circuits for frontends and synthesizers for wireless communication at roughly 10 to more than 500 GHz are under development. In the future they will enable applications in wireless short range communication with 100 Gbps at a bandwidth of more than 25 GHz. Additional application areas are highly integrated radar transceivers, mm-wave- & THz sensors for security, non-destructive materials testing, bioanalysis and aerospace.


Concepts and electronic components for fiber-optical broadband communication systems with data rates from 10 up to 400 Gbps per Laser wavelength will be developed for future fast fiber-optical networks as well as optoelectronic next generation USB technologies. Examples are fast amplifiers (transimpedance amplifiers, driver circuits) with extremely high bandwidth, A/D- and D/A-converters with sampling rates of more than 20 GSps as well as fast current switch logic circuits and real-time analog / digital signal processing as well as integrated photonic systems (Silicon Photonics).


Ultra-low-power RF frontends and components are developed for wireless sensor networks. For this, innovative impulse UWB transceiver, RF-MEMS based circuits and concepts for wake-up radio are investigated which will enable the required ten years battery lifetime.

Acting Department Head

Dr. Gunter Fischer



Im Technologiepark 25

15236 Frankfurt (Oder)




Manja Schütze

Phone: +49 335 5625 432

Fax:       +49 335 5625 433

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