Technologies for Smart Systems

The Technology Research for Smart Systems is consistently focused on a "More than Moore" strategy based on the 200 mm Si platform of the IHP. Thus, the main focus of the work is not on tasks for scaled CMOS technologies, but on the research and development of technology modules that significantly extend the functionality of CMOS technologies.

Technology research at IHP focuses on the development and extension of high-​performance SiGe BiCMOS technologies. The work develops technology innovations for smart systems and thus forms an important cornerstone for IHP's strategic focus areas Technologies for Health & Environment, Wireless & Broadband Communications, and Technologies for Resilient Systems. For this purpose, different integration technologies are used to produce smart systems. The developments for wireless and broadband communication based on silicon-​based electrical and optoelectrical high-​frequency technologies are increasingly complemented by new research fields for sensor applications (e.g. photonic sensors) for health and environmental analyses or the integration of memristive cells for applications in the field of artificial intelligence. The research program thereby pursues the development of novel processes, components and modules and their integration into complex basic technologies, e.g. in the field of silicon photonics. This is complemented by the application of novel heterointegration techniques, such as wafer bonding or chip transfer. The stabilization and transfer of technologies to the IHP research service continues to be a central goal and unique selling point of the IHP. The IHP research service consists on the one hand of the IHP Multi-​Project Wafer program. Here, new technology developments can be made available to partners for research and prototype manufacturing in a short time. In addition, modules and partial step developments for 200 mm based processes are offered within the research service. 

New process options as well as numerous cooperations through the involvement of IHP and especially the research program Technologies for Smart Systems in the Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) extends the future portfolio of IHP in the research infrastructure for new process and technology developments.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Mai

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