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10th Brandenburg Sensor Network Day at the IHP - the dawn of a new age

Prof. Dr. Edgar O. Klose (MITI), Andreas Thom (Breazy Health GmbH), Prof. Dr. Peter Langendörfer (IHP) and Claus Junghanns (City of Frankfurt) from left to right in conversation at the 10th Brandenburg Sensor Network Day © IHP

Last Thursday, the 10th Brandenburger Sensornetzag took place at the IHP on the subject of "eHealth - Digital Hospital: The Dawn of a New Age". As part of the event, the Brandenburg start-up companies Breazy Health and Simplinic presented their app applications that are already in use and are used to monitor asthma and to locate medical devices in hospitals.
Experts from the Carl Thiem Clinic Cottbus, the European University Viadrina, the Leibniz-Institute- Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics (IHP) as well as speakers from MITI and PepComm presented current research work on future-oriented technologies, circuits and systems such as body networks and mobile diagnostic platforms and highly integrated sensor systems and discussed the challenges of using medical technology applications in practice.

The virtual event format of the Sensor Network Day, which was changed this year due to the corona, led to a lively participation of non-resident interested parties. In addition to participants from Berlin and Brandenburg, interested parties from Nordrhein-Westfalen and neighboring Poland were also welcomed to the online conference. The positive response to the changed event format motivates the IHP organizers to hold Sensor Network Day as a hybrid event in the future in order to further expand its reach.

"The lively discussions showed the thematic fit of speakers and participants and triggered the desire among those involved for a follow-up event to deepen the exchange and a discussion of joint activities in the field of e-health. The IHP will implement this follow-up event very soon," said Prof Dr. Peter Langendörfer, initiator of the Sensor Network Day.

The sensor network day was supported by the network partners: IHK Ostbrandenburg, the Brandenburg Economic Development Corporation and the Investor Center Ostbrandenburg.

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