Bendable wireless sensors and millimeter-wave transmitters using thinned SiGe BiCMOS


Bend-IT aims at exploring and demonstrating the first bendable wireless mm-wave sensor module. Thinned BiCMOS technology is used for the fabrication. The key motivation to use a very high frequency of around 200 GHz is the fact that the antenna can then be very compact thereby allowing integration on the chip. This reduces the system dimensions and costs. The multidisciplinary challenges can be classified into three interdependent categories: technology development, device characterization and modelling, as well as circuit and communication system design.

IHP's Contribution

IHP will be responsible for stress investigation and compensation, as well as wafer thinning technology development. The specific targets will be developing fully processed BiCMOS wafers with low stress. To achieve this, an extensive 3D FEM model will be created to model the bowing of wafers for different thicknesses and process condition cases. And for thinning wafers down to 20 µm, grinding, temporary bonding, wet etching, DRIE and CMP will be investigated. Also IHP is responsible for characterization and modelling of chips after thinning and bending.


This project receives funding from the DFG.

Project Partners

  •  TU Dresden

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