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IHP is a non-university research establishment, a member of the Leibniz Association and thus institutionally funded by the State of Brandenburg, the Community of States and the Federal Republic of Germany.

IHP is one of the world's leading research institutions in the field of silicon/germanium electronics. In this field, it has extensive, closely coordinated expertise in semiconductor technology, materials research, high-frequency circuit design and system solutions. Its electronic and photonic-electronic technologies and circuits are among the most powerful in the world. In the speed of silicon-based transistors, IHP holds the world record with 720 GHz maximum oscillation frequency. The institute has a pilot line that manufactures circuits using its high-performance SiGe BiCMOS technologies. Through its research and manufacturing services, IHP contributes significantly to the innovative strength of Germany and Europe, especially in the field of ultrahigh-frequency electronics. The institute's research results are applied in socially important areas such as semiconductor manufacturing, wireless and power broadband communications, health, space, Industry 4.0 or Agriculture 4.0 and mobility.

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IHP performs an important bridging function between universities and industry. The national and international "Joint Labs" with universities and universities of applied sciences are a particular manifestation of this successful cooperation.

IHP is a founding member of the Forschungsfabrik Mikroelektronik Deutschland (FMD), the largest cross-location R&D association for microelectronics in Europe, which offers a unique range of competencies and infrastructures. FMD bridges the gap between basic research and customer-specific product development.

The cooperation in the Innovation Campus Electronics and Microsensorics Cottbus is also of great importance. This form of cooperation also offers, in particular, a strong regional interaction with partners from science and industry.

Conceptual Objective of IHP

According to the institute's statutes, the purpose of the institute is basic and applied research and development in the field of microelectronics and information technology, as well as the promotion of high-tech innovations. The institute exclusively pursues civil society and directly non-profit, in particular scientific, purposes. The IHP shall contribute to strengthen the interaction of basic scientific work, technology and applications and to cooperate closely with scientific institutions as well as with commercial enterprises.

Major Goals

The IHP sees its role in strengthening the competitiveness of German and European microelectronics and communications research and technology in close cooperation with universities and other research institutions in the regional, national and international area as well as in increasing the attractiveness of the region as a high-tech location. All research activities of the IHP are carried out with the aim of commercial exploitation. The exploitation of research results takes place through publications, transfer of technologies and technology modules, multi project wafer & prototyping service, licensing and spin-offs.

Sub Goals

The goal, where IHP combines basic and applied research, is the development of systems, circuits, technologies and materials for wireless and broadband communication as well as production prototypes. This is reflected, for example, in research on the modular extension of industrial CMOS technologies for system-on-chip solutions for wireless and broadband communication applications. The integration of new materials into microelectronic technologies and research into applications of microelectronic solutions are further goals of IHP activities. The institute also makes the results of its research available to the public (publications, lectures, conferences). An important aspect of the institute's work is regional cooperation with universities, research institutions and industry, e.g. through participation in joint projects and networks of excellence, as well as the promotion of professional qualifications and young scientists.

Mission and strategy of the IHP

IHP conducts research and development in the field of microelectronics and information technology. The focus is on high-tech innovations for current and future societal challenges.

The institute's work focuses on silicon-based systems, circuits and high-frequency technologies, including new materials. In this way, the institute realizes prototype solutions for significant and upcoming societal challenges.

With in-house SiGe-BiCMOS high performance technologies prototyped in the IHP pilot line, the institute is able to demonstrate complex solutions in the form of innovative and industrially relevant prototypes. The developed technologies are quickly brought to a high level to offer them to third parties as research-based services. 

Synergies are achieved through the coordinated collaboration of the Materials Research, Technology, Circuit Design, System Architectures and Wireless Systems departments with their core competencies, resulting in vertically optimized solutions. The core competencies enable IHP to make significant contributions to current and future societal challenges such as health, security, mobility, sustainability, 5G and related technologies, and industry and agriculture.

Through its fields of activity: Resilient Systems, Sensing Systems, Radio Frequency & Broadband Communication Systems, Advanced Semiconductor Technologies and Device and Material Innovations, IHP is of key strategic and research policy importance to achieve technological independence and sovereignty for Europe. The institute develops technologies for science and industry, through the application of which they can achieve unique selling propositions and survive in global competition. The institute also makes an active and important contribution to the training of young scientists and engineers.

Institute Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Kahmen

Scientific and Technical Director

Christine Richter
Phone: +49 335 5625 220
Fax: +49 335 5625 222
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Nicolas Hübener

Administrative Director

Nicole Götze
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