Sensory Systems

Microelectronics is a key technology and the basis of numerous innovations in the field of medical technology.

The first implantable microelectronic systems in the form of cardiac pacemakers and cochlear implants were developed as early as 1950. Both implants use microelectronics to significantly improve patient quality of life. Due to the increasing complexity of semiconductor technology, new trends such as the applications of implantable microsystems that interact with sensors or through neural coupling, point-of-care tests and cell or molecular diagnostics can be derived from these medical technology applications of microelectronics. The IHP has the following competencies in the field of sensory systems:


  • Localization and Radar Systems

    Localization and Radar Systems

    Radio-based localization systems achieve highest accuracy with Time-of-Flight approaches. Here, the propagation time of radio signals between two radio nodes will be measured, which allows the calculation of the distance of the nodes. 

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  • Signal Processing and AI-based Data Evaluation

    Signal Processing and AI-based Data Evaluation

    In order to realize an efficient data evaluation in terms of Green ICT and under real-time conditions we investigate signal processing and AI methods which can be used for resource-limited systems.

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  • Wireless Sensor Networks

    Wireless Sensor Networks

    For more than 15 years we have been developing wireless sensor networks in the application fields of environmental monitoring / agriculture, critical infrastructures and e-health. To achieve this, we follow a holistic approach which encompasses the development of own sensor nodes, the development of energy-efficient protocols and middleware approaches and IT security solutions for resource-limited systems.

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  • Point of Care Systems and eHealth

    Point of Care Systems and eHealth

    Advances in the field of sensor technology and wireless sensor networks increasingly allow the realization of miniaturized systems for diagnostics and the monitoring of patient conditions. Here, IHP combines its experience in the stated fields to realize point-of-care (PoC) or e-health systems.

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  • Sensors for Bio and Medical Applications

    Sensors for Bio and Medical Applications

    With the ongoing miniaturization in semiconductor technologies and advances in biotechnology and microtechnology, as well as through digitalization in medicine, biosensors are also being used in medical diagnostics. 

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