GETiT - Graphene Exfoliation – Technology Development of an Industry-oriented 2D Transfer Process



The project GETiT is supported by funding from the European Union (StaF guideline).


Inspite of a high innovation potential only a few commercial products which contain graphene are currently available on the market for the end user. The prospects are diminished by massive technical hurdles which are mainly based on the fact that graphene technology and the accompanying processes are still not fully developed. In the project new routes for the transfer of catalytic grown graphene to various materials such as copper, germanium and nickel will be researched. This includes the use of innovative polymers as a protective layer during the transfer as well as innovative procedures for peeling the graphene from the substrate and the polymer protective layer. The goal is to reduce the damage and the impurities of the graphene during transfer and to advance the technological utilization of graphene, especially in the field of wafer-based high performance semiconductor technologies.

IHP's Contribution

In the project GETiT, IHP will make graphene available from various substrates (Ge/Ni), different surface modifications (structured; OF treatments, etc.) as well as analytical methods (ellippsometry, etc.).

Project Partners

  • TH Wildau (AG Fiber composite & material techniques; AG Photonics, Laser & plasma technologies

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