Available Analog and Digital Blocks and Designs

To support designs, IHP offers a wide range of blocks and designs for wireless & broadband solutions:

Analog IP

Analog IP

Wireless Communication
60, 240 GHz

Radar Sensors
60, 80, 120, 160 GHz

THz Sensors
245, 500 GHz

Frequency Synthesizers
6 - 60 GHz

Fiberoptical Communication

Mixed-Signal Components

Impulse Radio UWB

Demonstrators and Evaluation Kits

  • 60 GHz analog beamforming communication frontend demonstrator module
  • 60/120 GHz FMCW and PRN scalable radar sensor frontend demonstrator module
  • UWB impulse-radio local positioning and communication demonstrator system
  • LiDAR high dynamic range transimpedance amplifier evaluation kit
  • radiation-hard multi-channel VCSEL Driver + TIA demonstrator module

Digital IP

Digital IP


I2C Slave, SPI Slave, MDIO Slave, 10Base-T and 100 Base-TX Digital Controller

Communication Cores

  • ultra-high data rate PTMP MAC processor with beamforming support
  • ultra-high data rate broadband OFDM baseband processor
  • LDPC Encoder / Decoder
  • RS Encoder / Decoder
  • Viterbi decoder / convolutional encoder
  • peaktop processor core (32-bit)
  • waterbear multiprocessor framework
  • The PISA multiprocessor


  • (point-to-multipoint) MAC protocol design and implementation
  • design and implementation of low-latency communication systems
  • gigabit WLAN system development and implementation
  • 5G backhaul systems
  • indoor localization and positioning system development and implementation
  • radiation hardening of digital ASICs

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