High Data-Rate Communication Circuits

IHP ultra high speed technologies hold a great potential for the development of high data rate communication systems.

The research group focuses mainly on two different directions, both targeting data rates of hundreds of Gbps: high frequency wireless systems and broadband circuits for fiber optics communication. The IHP silicon photonics technology enables the chance to join the two different research fields pursuing monolithic radio over fiber solutions.

Main targets

  • high frequency circuits for wireless data communications
  • broadband circuits for optical fiber communication

Research topics

  • transmit and receive circuits for the highest data rates
  • phased array front end circuits
  • fiber optic communication circuits

The main focus of the research group is the development of state-​of-the-art integrated circuits for ultra-​high bandwidth systems using IHP SiGe BiCMOS technologies. Current research activities concentrate on building blocks for high data rate wireless systems as well as for optical fibers communication. The research activities are also directed towards tighter integration of optical devices and electronics on the same substrate.

Research results

  • different TIAs and MZM drivers for various data rates up to 64 Gbaud
  • V-band wireless system with beam steering capability
  • 240 GHz wireless transceiver with 100 Gbps data rate

Dr. Andrea Malignaggi

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