Device & Material Innovations

Increasing functionality in microelectronics can improve quality and performance while opening the door to new application areas for microelectronics.

These efforts will have a major impact for a wide range of applications, such as medicine and green energy. The innovations require new devices and new materials. IHP has the following competences in the field of device and material innovations:


  • Optoelectronic Devices

    Optoelectronic Devices

    For optical data transmission and processing, it would be a huge breakthrough if integrated light sources in silicon-based circuits could be realized.

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  • Bioelectronic Devices

    Bioelectronic Devices

    The potential for complex microelectronics in the field of medical engineering is largely undeveloped. New therapy and early diagnosis measures could be developed with the help of complex microelectronics.

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  • Quantum Bit Devices

    Quantum Bit Devices

    Because of its specific functioning principle, quantum computers have the potential to solve problems for which classical computers work too inefficiently.

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  • Memristive Devices

    Memristive Devices

    A neural network consists of simple processing units, the neurons, as well as weighted connections between these, the so-called synapses. In the future memrestive components could represent the function of synapses in integrated circuits.

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  • 2D Materials

    2D Materials

    Due to the unique electronic structures, graphene and other 2D Materials are considered as materials which can enable and extend the functionalities and performance in a large variety of applications, among them in microelectronics.

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  • Emerging Materials for Future Devices

    Emerging Materials for Future Devices

    Plasmonic structures focus electromagnetic waves in tiny structures and hereby enable a new generation of fast components as well as molecular detectors of the highest sensitivity.

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