IHP supports you in combining your individual life plan with your professional career in the best possible way.

Flexible and mobile work

  • Flexible working hours >> click here <<

    At IHP you can arrange your working hours flexibly in one of the two time models "Flexitime" or "working time sovereignty" in consultation with your leadership. Exempted are technical employees in a shift system. These positions are advertised with an appropriate notice.

  • Mobile working >> click here <<

    If your work does not necessarily have to be carried out at the institute (e.g. in the clean room of one of the laboratories), we offer you the possibility of mobile working with good technical equipment in consultation with your team leader.

Compatibility of work and family

  • Part-time >> click here <<

    We offer different part-time models on a temporary or long-term basis for a better compatibility of work and family.

  • Unplanned childcare >> click here <<

    If you need to bridge childcare time, you can bring your child to IHP. We have a parent-child room, a mobile toy box, books for children, a wrapping table and a playpen at the IHP. Our canteen is child-friendly.

  • Keeping in touch during parental leave >> click here <<

    We support you when you return to work and offer you the opportunity to keep in touch with us during parental leave and to participate in training courses.

  • PME family service >> click here <<

    We have been cooperating with the PME family service for several years. It supports our employees in all personal problematic situations regardless if private or of professional nature. It offers advice and arranges practical support, for example in questions of childcare and care for relatives or in psychological emergencies.

    IHP is a member of the local Alliance for Families and works for a better quality for the family life in Frankfurt (Oder). IHP is also actively involved in the local Alliance for Diversity, which aims to constructively shape diversity in the region.


  • Back gymnastics courses (weekly) >> click here <<

    Experienced training personnel tailor the exercises to the specific needs of our employees. The courses take place after work on a cost price basis (reimbursement may be possible according to the guidelines of the respective health insurance company).

  • Massages (every two weeks) >> click here <<

    An appointment can easily be made, treatment takes place during a working break on a cost price basis and is given by trained physiotherapists.

  • Jointly organized recreational sports >> click here <<

    Our employees also meet after work to play various sports together. Every year, the IHP organizes a soccer tournament and invites befriended teams to participate. Every year we take part in the nationwide "Stadtradeln” (city cycling) and team relay races, play table tennis or volleyball. In 2019 the IHP participated with a team at a dragon boat race for the first time. Frankfurt (Oder) as a city also has a long tradition in competitive and popular sports and has sport clubs for almost every discipline.

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