Adaptive Materials

This research group deals with the development of functional materials for microelectronics. Memristive devices have a variable resistance-based memory function. This type of component is of particular interest as a switchable element for non-volatile RRAM memories, but also for the area of ​​analog neural circuit technology. The research area of ​​plasmonics deals with the properties of electromagnetic near fields in CMOS-compatible nanostructures, which are able to locally increase electromagnetic fields and thus open up a broad field of application.

In neuronal circuits, the memristive devices open up the possibility of overcoming the currently existing hurdles of digital data processing in the area of cognitive tasks, such as pattern recognition. The focus of the research strategy is the development of memristive devices for future electronic circuits with a strong focus on biological systems.

While light is used in spectroscopy to understand the properties of materials, plasmonic effects can be used to develop nanostructures in order to significantly increase electromagnetic fields in small areas. With this plasmonic approach, a new type of sensor system can be developed that enables a fast and reliable method to identify biological species.

Main targets

  • development of plasmonic devices for near-field sensors
  • development of resistive devices for non-volatile memories
  • development of electronic synapses for neural networks

Research topics

  • development of memristive arrays for edge computing and neuromorphic circuits
  • electrical characterization, simulation and modeling of memristive devices
  • simulation and characterization of cell manipulation on lab-on-chip systems
  • development and characterization of dielectric sensors
  • development and integration of plasmonic sensors for environmental monitoring and biosensors

Research results

  • enhanced SERS with semiconductor-based plasmonics
  • dielectric immunosensor for biomarkers
  • CMOS compatible dielectrophoretic platform for the immobilization of biological species
  • filament-based memristive devices with synaptic properties

Dr. rer. nat. Oliver Skibitzki

Im Technologiepark 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone: +49 335 5625 766
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