Transfer of Technologies and Technology Modules

IHP develops Si-based technologies and qualifies them in compliance to JEDEC standards and test methods.  Process flows, process control and maintenance follow industry standards with equipment suitable for production. IHP technologies are offered through an MPW Service for prototyping and low volume fabrication. This is an ideal fit for transferring these technologies to commercial high volume fabrication sites. IHP can offer transfer of complete technologies or technology modules. Within a transfer project IHP can offer a feasibility study, one to one process transfer or a process adaption to the needs of the receiving production facility.

In addition to transferring existing technologies, IHP can also develop process flows and dedicated devices based on existing process capabilities and research results. These developments can be transferred to commercial fabrications sites as defined in agreed development projects.

The IHP may also support Si-based technology developments at commercial fabrication sites or research facilities. Detailed activities may include consulting activities or process development support involving wafer exchange and partial processing at IHP.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements in detail and your dedicated transfer scenario. 

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