Advanced Semiconductor Technologies

IHP has a broad portfolio of development opportunities for novel technology innovations.

The basis is the 200 mm process platform in the institute's own pilot line. The focus of the development is on process, device and module developments for Si-CMOS compatible technologies. The IHP has the following competencies in the field of advanced semiconductor technologies:


  • Process Development

    Process Development

    Process and device developments for novel "More-than-Moore" technologies are based on an 8” Si technology platform.

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  • Technology Research Service

    Technology Research Service

    IHP has a broad portfolio of SiGe-​BiCMOS technologies based on 130 nm and 250 nm CMOS platforms.

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  • SiGe-BiCMOS & EPIC Technology

    SiGe-BiCMOS & EPIC Technology

    The development of advanced generations of SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (SiGe HBT) and their integration into complex BiCMOS technologies for high-frequency applications for use in wireless and broadband communications is the central topic of IHP technology research.

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  • Hybrid THz & Photonic Technology

    Hybrid THz & Photonic Technology

    The possibilities of heterointegration for the development of new hybrid THz and photonic technologies will be explored within this competence area.

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  • Si-Technologies for Harsh Environments

    Si-Technologies for Harsh Environments

    Selected SiGe-BiCMOS technologies of IHP are qualified for applications in harsh and especially radiation-hardened environments.

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  • Advanced Characterization & Diagnostics

    Advanced Characterization & Diagnostics

    Advanced equipment for DC and RF characterization of individual components up to functional measurement of complex ASICs is supported within this competence area.

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Innovations are mainly driven forward by the research program Technologies for Smart Systems, in close cooperation with the research program Materials for Micro- and Nanoelectronics. They thus form an important cornerstone for IHP's strategic priorities Technologies for Health & Environment, Wireless & Broadband Communication and Technologies for Resilient Systems. High-performance SiGe-BiCMOS technology and novel EPIC (Electronic-Photonic-integrated circuit) platforms are at the center of the developments and will be successively supplemented by new modules and components for extended functionality. The developed technologies and modules will then be made available to partners worldwide for research and prototype production within the IHP research service.

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