Technology Development Service

IHP offers support for development of dedicated process steps and modules for research and development purposes and small volume prototyping.

IHP is offering 3 categories of services:

  • dedicated process developments on single tools
  • process flow developments for special devices or interposer flows
  • adaption of existing standard technology flows

Dedicated process developments on single tools

  • standard processes (implantation, etching, CMP & deposition of layer stacks such as thermal SiO2, PSG, Si3N4, Al, TiN, W)
  • epitaxy (Si, Si:C, SiGe, SiGe:C)
  • optical lithography (i-​line and 248 nm down to 100 nm structure size)

Example: Si/SiGe layer structure on customer specification on an 8 inch wafer.

Costs estimation: 5-7k € Includes process development, one wafer, short documentation.

Process flow developments for special devices or interposer flows

IHP offers developments of process flows based on existing process steps. Here special devices or part of existing technologies (part of Backend of line modules) can be fabricated for prototypes or as basis for own developments.

Example: Interposer with 2 layer based on standard Al BEOL

Cost estimation: Approx. 20k € Includes mask generation, process adaption, three wafer

Adaption of existing standard technology flows

In this case service is based on existing standard technologies and IHP standard MPW runs can be used to offer slightly modified technologies. Possible modifications are the use of non-​standard wafer material, adaption of a single process steps or stopping processing at an appropriate step.

In case complete wafers are required an own mask set or additional masks to disguise other customer data are needed. In this case developments can be combined with standard Backend processes like backside grinding, dicing and a reduction of standard wafer size to 6, 4 or 3 inches.

Example 1: Fabrication of standard technology on a high resistive wafer via an 130 nm MPW run.

Example 2: Fabrication of MPW standard technology and planarisation for post processing.

Cost estimation: Delivery of 40 samples in standard and modified technology - Standard MPW price per area + 20k € for processing and handling of extra wafers.

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