Silicon Photonics

The research area Silicon Photonics focuses on the development of optical and electro-optical technologies based on Group IV elements such as silicon and germanium.

These can be used for applications in communications and sensor technology. Since silicon and germanium are limited in their electro-​optical properties, alternative paths are also being researched in close cooperation with partners, especially for the integration of modulators and light sources. The development of devices as well as the integration of modules within a SiGe BiCMOS baseline technology are the focus of current activities. The high complexity of SOI (Silicon on Insulator) technologies is a particular challenge here. The main long-term objective of these developments is to transfer them to the research service of the IHP. Research and development focus on merging IHP’s outstanding SiGe HBTs (heterobipolar transistors) with high-​performance photonics to enable design and implementation of optoelectronic system-​on-chip solutions with state-​of-the-art high-​frequency characteristics.

Main targets

  • research and development for silicon photonics design, technology, integration and characterization
  • testing and characterization of electronic photonic integrated circuits

Research topics

  • development of passive and active optoelectronic devices (integrated optics and detectors, high bandwidth phase shifters and modulators ) for optical communication and for optical-electronic mixed-signal applications beyond that
  • implementation of electronic-photonic integrated circuits (ePICs) for demonstration of photonic system-on-chip (SoC) solutions, especially for broadband applications
  • integration of novel materials for photonic applications (e.g. III-V, etc.)
  • electronic-photonic technologies
  • photonic-sensor devices
  • layer-transfer technologies
  • Si-Photonics for communication
  • new material integration
  • adaptive photonic Bio-sensors
  • high-performance photonic devices

Research results

  • 64 Gbaud monolithic EPICs for coherent Tx and Rx in C-band (OFC 2018-19)
  • integration of barium titanate phase shifter in IHP backend of line (IEDM 2017)
  • development of waveguide integrated germanium detectors well beyond 90 GHz (IEDM 2020)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lars Zimmermann

Im Technologiepark 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone: +49 335 5625 407
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