Silicon Photonics

The Joint Lab Silicon Photonics was founded in June 2010 between TU Berlin and IHP. The lab creates a common virtual space for TU Berlin and IHP. State-of-the-art facilities, design skills plus technological and photonic system expertise are gathered under one roof for leading-edge silicon photonics research. The Joint Lab was and is actively involved in numerous regional, national and EU-funded projects and is driven by highly-skilled personnel with world-class track record in the photonics R&D field. Teaching at TU Berlin is closely linked with ongoing R&D in silicon photonics, providing highly relevant contents for curricula in electrical engineering and physics. BSc, MSc and PhD work are supported in the frame of the Joint Lab.

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    The research focus of the Joint Lab is the development of:  

    • integrated optics (numerical analysis & experimental characterization)
    • devices and circuits for silicon based coherent transmission
    • optical signal processing based on single or multimode four-wave mixing

    The research in the Joint Lab Silicon Photonics is geared to support the strategic needs of IHP photonics technology in terms of basic device development, device integration and novel photonic-electronic system-on-chip demonstrations.

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    The goal of PEARLS is to create an integrated system solution based on silicon photonics that combines quantum dot-​based indium phosphide semiconductor laser sources and silicon photonic electro-​optical integrated circuits (ePICs) and thus realizes a platform for high-​bit-rate, chip-​integrated optical transmission technology.


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    1. Isaac Sackey et al
      1.024 Tb/s wavelength conversion in a silicon waveguide with reverse-biased pin junction, Optics Express, 2017
    2. Francesco Da Ros et al
      Optical phase conjugation in a silicon waveguide with lateral pin diode for nonlinearity compensation, J. Lightwave Technology, 2019
    3. Pascal Seiler et al
      56 GBaud O-Band Transmission using a photonic BiCMOS Coherent Receiver, ECOC, 2020
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    The Joint Lab hosts BSc, MSc, and PhD works between TU Berlin, IHP and German or international institutions (e.g. from Korea, Japan, Portugal, Belgium). The Joint Lab contributes to the curriculum of the department of computer science and electrical engineering at TU Berlin:

    • Lecture: Introduction to silicon photonics
    • integrated Projects: Optoelectronic integration on silicon

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