SiPhoDias project is targeting the following goals:

  • development of the first European RH optical transceiver delivering an aggregate bit rate of 112 Gbit/s (4x 28 Gbit/s OOK) and up to 224 Gbit/s (4x 56 Gbit/s PAM4) leveraging advanced modulation formats
  • development of the first array of 50+ GHz EO-MZM monolithically integrated in GaAs leveraging the intrinsic stability and radiation hardness of the III-V material
  • development of the first hi-rel European 40 GHz linear PD with a responsivity >0.75 A/W
  • demonstration of the mass/power savings on system-level and environmental testing to demonstrate Technology Readiness Level 7 in a representative prototype system configuration
  • module-level Lot Validation Testing (LVT) of the O/E interfaces to verify reliability and demonstrate by test the target TRL level


European Union

Project partners

  • Leo Space Photonics R&D Single Member P.C., Greece
  • Thales Alenia Space, France
  • Albis Optoelectronics AG, Switzerland
  • Alter Technology Group, Spain
  • Axenic Ltd., United Kingdom
  • Optocap Ltd., United Kingdom

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