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Dr. Rasuole Lukose, scientist in the Technology department

“As a scientist at IHP, I can participate in the whole process of innovation, ranging from research and development towards fabrication of real devices.”

Originally I´m from Lithuania, were I started my scientific activities at Vilnius University. I conducted my PhD research at Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (Institute for Crystal Growth, IKZ) in Berlin. There, I focused on metal-organic chemical vapour deposition growth and characterization of epitaxial thin films for different applications. Having defended my PhD thesis at Humboldt University Berlin, thanks to my successful Individual Marie-Skłodowska-Curie application I then did my research as a European Fellow at the Lithuanian National Center of Physical Sciences and Technology in Vilnius. In 2019, I have joined IHP as a scientist in the Process and Device Research group. Currently my colleagues and I are working on enabling the wafer-scale integration of graphene in semiconductor technologies, for which experience and infrastructure at IHP is a very good platform. IHP is a perfect place for growing-up as a scientist due to open possibilities to participate in the whole process of innovation, ranging from research and development towards fabrication of real devices. The institute has a long time tradition in a broad range of social activities and enables easier combination of work and family. I am happy to be a part of IHP!

Andreas Trusch, B. Eng., Head of Pilot Line

“My team makes sure that the heart of IHP never stops beating.”

I am responsible for a technical area, which I learned from scratch at IHP. As a native of Frankfurt, I decided to train as a mechatronics technician at IHP after graduating from high school and serving in the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces). Having successfully finished my vocational training, I first worked as a service technician in the cleanroom, and IHP supported my part-time engineering studies. As a process engineer, I was then able to supervise and further develop a wide variety of processes in the cleanroom, work on projects in the cleanroom, contribute new ideas and my in-depth technical understanding, and gain experience with silicon wafers. Since 2018, I have been in charge as Head of Pilot Line, and thus for the work organization for our approx. 40 operators, who operate the equipment in wafer manufactorin in four shift teams. I know their daily work very well from my own experience. This helps to design the work processes and the working environment for them in the best possible way. The cleanroom, as it is often said at IHP, is the heart of IHP. My team makes sure it never stops beating. This faces me and my team with new, exciting challenges every day.

Ievgen Kabin, Scientist in the department Wireless Systems and PhD student

“At IHP I have access to unique equipment that I need for my interdisciplinary investigations.”

Having obtained my Diploma in Electronic Systems from the National Technical University of Ukraine ‘‘Kyiv Polytechnic Institute’’, I started at IHP in 2015 as a scientist in the research group Sensor Networks and Middleware Platforms. Among other research areas I am fascinated by side-channel analysis attacks and countermeasures as well as investigations in the field of elliptic curve cryptography. It is an interesting and interdisciplinary research area which requires knowledge in mathematics, physics, informatics, cryptography and experience in measurements. IHP provides me with the unique equipment I need for these interdisciplinary investigations. Since 2017 I have been working on my PhD thesis where I am focusing on physical attacks on cryptographic hardware designs. I develop new methods for and countermeasures against such attacks in order to increase the resistance of the designs.

Prof. Miloš Krstić

Department Head System Architectures

“IHP provides almost unlimited possibilities for research and personal development.”

I spent my first 27 years of my life in Niš (Serbia, former Yugoslavia), where I did my studies at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering. In 2001 I came to Frankfurt (Oder) and IHP with the intention to stay for three or four years to do my doctorate. These years have turned into the currently ongoing 20th year of my research at IHP. Having finished my PhD I have led various projects. I became the leader of the research group Design and Test Methodology at IHP and I hold the chair Design and Test Methodology at the University of Potsdam. Currently, in addition I am the acting head of the department System Architectures with around 40 employees.

IHP provides almost unlimited possibilities for research and personal development. I could not have imagined as a young man, that I would design complex baseband communication processors, implement and test chips and systems, define new research topics and that such great career paths would open to me. So one thing is sure: At IHP you will never be bored.  Also, I have lots of love for Frankfurt and its citizens. Being personally raised in a socialistic society and surviving the painful transition to democracy, it was easy for me to fit in with people who in a way had quite a similar background to mine. Frankfurt offers a lot to families and my two kids enjoy their happy childhood here.

Marie Rohner, Personnel Marketing and Personnel Development Officer

“I appreciate the flexibility at IHP, which allowed me to combine my job with my studies.”

Having completed my Bachelor's degree in economics in the Netherlands with a focus on marketing, I moved back home - to Frankfurt (Oder). My plan was to start the master´s programme of International Business Administration at the European University Viadrina. However, as there was still some time left until the start of the semester, I applied for a gap year program in the Human Resources Department at IHP. When the semester was about to start, IHP advertised a personnel officer´s position. As I had come to appreciate my area of responsibility, the colleagues I was working with and the great working atmosphere during the previous year, I applied for this position, but still with the aim of completing the Master's programme as well. Now, I hold a Master´s degree, which I was able to pursue thanks the flexibility at work and the reconciliation of work requirements with my personal goal.

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