Clean room

24/7 R&D Pilot Line

The heart of the IHP is the state-of-the-art pilot line in a 1,500 m2 clean room, which is operated 24 hours/7 days a week. In addition, a further 300 m² of cleanroom space is available to enable wafer interconnects and heterointegration of chiplets.

The toolset enables 0.13-µm technology on 200-mm wafers. Cycle times are typically two days per lithography mask. Processing times from tape-in to shipping of diced chips are approximately 12 weeks, depending on the technology used.

Key wafer fabrication equipment within the pilot line includes:

  • I-line and DUV (248 nm laser exposure) photolithography
  • CMP in front-end of line (oxide, poly Si) and back-end of line (oxide, tungsten)
  • dry etch processes for standard CMOS and BiCMOS process modules
  • PVD (Co, Al, Ti, TiN, Ni) and CVD (W, TiN) for the Al metallization system
  • Atomic-Layer-Deposition ALN for HfO2, Al2O, SiO2 and SiN
  • PECVD (inclusive HDP) and SACVD for deposition of dielectrics in front-end of line and back-end of line
  • wet etch and wet clean processes required for a technological level of 0.13 µm
  • low temperature Si, SiGe, SiGe:C epitaxy (differential, and selective epitaxy)
  • low to medium energy and low to high dose ion implantation (As, B, P, In, Sb, Si, Ge, F, Ar)
  • oxidation, LPCVD (including low temperature oxide and nitride), and annealing in standard batch systems
  • RTP for annealing, oxidation, and silicidation
  • 8” high-vacuum bonding system
  • 8” transfer printing toolset 
  • inline measurements for CD, overlay, thickness, resistance, defectivity, topology (SEM, AFM), and XRD
  • parametric test using two fully automatic test systems
Additional usable clean room area 500 m²
Gross Floor Area 3.800 m²
Gross Space Volume 18.200 m³
Length x width 27 m x 35 m


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