plaCMOS will pursue small-proximity wafer scale integration of novel ferroelectric-based plasmonic-photonic modulators, SiGe photodetectors and BiCMOS electronics in a super-fast, micrometer-scale optical engine capable of transmitting and receiving NRZ data at the world's fastest speed of 200 Gbit/s per optical channel. plaCMOS will rely on this breakthrough advancement to demonstrate scalability of thermally independent multi-transceiver chips, paving the way for next generation Tbit/s transceivers in monolithic chips complying with industry standards while surpassing performance expectations. plaCMOS's technology speed and scalability advantages will be validated in fully functional single- channel and multi-channel (CWDM-based and in SDM-based) transceiver prototype assemblies, clearly addressing both technology roadmaps for future data centers, waiving the stringent requirements for high-port count front panels in switches and servers at the best cost/performance intersection. In the same context, plaCMOS will explore the application of its PIC platform in forward looking applications that can lead to more advanced reconfigurable transceivers.



Project partners

  • IBM Zürich
  • ETH Zürich
  • Mellanox

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