Directly Modulated Lasers on Silicon


The objective of DIMENSION is to establish a silicon platform combining BiCMOS electronics with silicon photonics and III-V photonics. The process requirements are fully CMOS compatible and overcome limitations in state-of-the-art III-V on silicon integration approaches. The photonic integration concepts pursued in DIMENSION go well beyond traditional heterogeneous integration schemes. A tight integration concept is pursued in which the optics (including III-V laser material) is monolithically integrated with electronics on one single chip.

IHP's Contribution

IHP develops the ePIC technology that is the baseline for DIMENSION integration developments. This is a photonics enabled high-performance BiCMOS technology on 200 mm wafers. IHP contributes with technology development to enable III-V bonding and backend integration for the demonstrator devices.


This project has received funding by one of the calls under the Photonics Public Private Partnership from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688003.

Project Partners

  • ADVA
  • IBM
  • Optocap
  • AIT

Selected Publications

  • D. Petousi, P. Rito,  St. Lischke, D. Knoll, I. Garcia Lopez, M. Kroh, R. Barth, Ch. Mai, A.C. Ulusoy, A. Peczek, G. Winzer, K. Voigt, D. Kissinger, K. Petermann, L. Zimmermann, "Monolithically integrated high-extinction-ratio MZM with a segmented driver in photonic BiCMOS", Photonics Technology Letter, vol. 28, no. 24, pp.2866-2869, December 2016
  • S. Lischke, D. Knoll, C. Mai, M. Kroh, D. Schmidt, A. Peczek, J. Kreißl, J.-M. Lee, M. Kim, W.-Y. Choi, and L. Zimmermann, “Design Effects on the Performance of High-Speed Ge Photo Detectors”, Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Group IV Photonics, Shanghai, 2016
  • S. Lischke, D. Knoll, C. Mai, A. Awny, G. Winzer, M. Kroh, K. Voigt, L. Zimmermann, “Monolithic photonic BiCMOS technology for high-speed receiver applications” Proceedings ICTON, Girona, Spain, 2017

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