Wireless Communication Systems

The Joint Lab of IHP with the Institute of Computer Science (Informatics) at the Humboldt-University Berlin was founded in 2011. Both institutions already have a long history of successful cooperation. The Joint Lab is focused on investigation and development of high-performance wireless communication systems, localization techniques as well as synchronization of network nodes. For this purpose we deploy advanced signal processing algorithms, model-based systems design and artificial intelligence techniques.

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    The research focus of the Joint Lab is the development of: 

    • MIMO techniques for wireless communications with ultra-high datarate 
    • precise ranging and localization based on wireless communications 
    • precise synchronization of nodes in wireless networks
    • AI for optimizing wireless network functionality

    In addition to teaching, research projects characterize the work of the Joint Lab. In 2019, work on the DFG project maximumMIMO-II was successfully completed. This project focused on increasing the spectral efficiency using massive MIMO technology in conjunction with high-resolution phased array antenna topologies. Within the framework of this DFG project, extensive MIMO transmission experiments were conducted, proving the feasibility of the theoretical results. In a master thesis, the applicability of the line-of-sight MIMO principle for WLAN frequencies at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz was investigated and experimentally demonstrated. A corresponding publication has been submitted.

    At the end of 2019, another DFG project with the acronym AgileHyBeams was granted. In this project, the fundamental work from the maximumMIMO project for hybrid beamforming methods is further developed. This project was started on 01.09.2020.

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    AgileHyBeams is a DFG-funded project on the investigation and optimization of Hybrid Beamforming techniques. Project partners are the Vodafone Chair Wireless Communications at TU-Dresden (Prof. G. Fettweis) and the Bundeswehr Universität München (Prof. Berthold Lankl). The project started in Sept. 2020.

    5GENESIS: https://5genesis.eu/

    5GENESIS is a European project on the development of 5G-Technolgy. To facilitate a large number of users being connected to the 5G-network, a central location at Humboldt-University Berlin serves as a test-site. IHP contributes mmWave technology for backhaul networks to this testbed. A Group at Humboldt-University Berlin works on anonymization techniques for data collected in the testbed.

    maximumMIMO: www.wireless100gb.de

    In the framework of the DFG Priority Program SPP1655, we work together with our partners on the DFG-Project with the acronym "maximumMIMO". The focus of this project is on increasing the spectral efficiency using massive MIMO technology in conjunction with high-resolution phased array antenna topologies. The aim is to achieve a data rate of 100 Gbit/s in a wireless point-to-point connection over a distance of more than 100m.

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    1. Synchronization in 5G: A Bayesian Approach
      M. Goodarzi, D. Cvetkovski, N. Maletic, J. Gutierrez Teran, E. Grass 
      Proc. European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC 2020), 214 (2020)
    2. Sequential Channel Equalization in Strong Line-of-Sight MIMO Communication, 
      X. Song, D. Cvetkovski, W. Rave, E. Grass, G. Fettweis 
      IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 18(1), 340 (2019) 
    3. Design and Experimental Evaluation of Equalization Algorithms for Line-of-Sight Spatial Multiplexing at 60 GHz 
      X. Song, T. Hälsig, D. Cvetkovski, W. Rave, B. Lankl, E. Grass, G. Fettweis 
      IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC) 36(11), 2570 (2018)
    4. Statistical Properties and Variations of LOS MIMO Channels at Millimeter Wave Frequencies 
      T. Hälsig, D. Cvetkovski, E. Grass, B. Lankl 
      Proc. 22nd International ITG Workshop on Smart Antennas (WSA 2018), 1 (2018) 
    5. Hardware-in-the-Loop Demonstration of a 60 GHz Line-of-Sight 2x2 MIMO Link 
      D. Cvetkovski, E. Grass, T. Hälsig, B. Lankl 
      Proc. 17th IEEE International Conference on Smart Technologies (IEEE EUROCON 2017), 631 (2017)
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    Within the Joint Lab, teaching in the module Wireless Broadband Communication focuses on the fundamentals of communications engineering as well as on special current developments (e.g. mobile communications standard 5G). The growing number of smartphones is leading to a rapid increase in the necessary transmission rates for mobile devices. Based on channel characteristics, algorithms, architectures and implementation aspects for wireless communication systems with highest data rates are discussed and introduced to the students. Results from research projects on 5th generation mobile communications (5G) are directly used in teaching.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Grass

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