• Silicon Photonics

    High-tech research into the integration of photonic functionality in electronic silicon chips

  • More than Moore

    Development of electronic or electronic-photonic high-performance technologies with additional functions

  • SiGe-BiCMOS Technology

    Leading institute for the world's fastest silicon-based technologies with up to 500 GHz fmax

Leibniz Institute for High Performance Microelectronics

The Leibniz Institute for High Performance Microelectronics (IHP) is the worldwide leading competence center for silicon-germanium technology.

We conduct cutting-edge research and development into silicon-based systems, high-frequency circuits and technologies for wireless and broadband communication. As a transition between basic research and application-oriented applications, the institute makes significant contributions to the innovative strength and ability of Germany and Europe as a location.

The IHP's research focuses on economically relevant topics that are used in:

Fields of Activity


News Materials for Micro- and Nanoelectronics Technologies for Smart Systems

IHP a strong player at ISTDM/ICSI conference

With six papers, one invited presentation and one poster, IHP researchers participated in the 3rd joint ISTDM/ICSI conference in Como, Italy, held May 22-25, 2023. IHP's contributions included topics on Group IV epitaxy for optoelectronic, thermoelectric, photonic, plasmonic devices, as well as quantum applications. IHP's reputation was also emphasized by Prof. Giovanni Capellini, who was a member…

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Press Releases Materials for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Electronic noses detect diseases of crops at an early stage

Innovation from the Lusatia region: So-called electronic noses, which are being developed by a consortium consisting of BTU, ATB, IHP and Photonic Insights GmbH will help to detect plant diseases before the first visual symptoms appear. The project AgriNose is part of the BMBF's "Innovation & Structural Change" funding measure.

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Press Releases Communication- and Embedded System Architectures Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits

IHP ICs fly to Jupiter

Technology from Frankfurt (Oder) is Part of ESA's JUICE Mission: With the launch of ESA's JUICE, IHP technology has also gone on the more than one billion kilometre journey. Two circuits developed at IHP are among the core components of a Chirp Transform Spectrometer.

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Press Releases Radio Frequency (RF) Circuits

World record for IHP circuit - Transferring data at 200 gigabits per second

Researchers at IHP have set a new world speed record. The circuit designed by the scientists in Frankfurt (Oder) can transmit data wirelessly at up to 200 gigabits per second. A research team at IHP has thus proven for the first time worldwide the general feasibility of extremely high data transmissions in the D-band and created a basic prerequisite for realising applications for 6G.

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News Materials for Micro- and Nanoelectronics

Best Student Paper Award for Tommaso Rizzi

IHP’s PhD student Tommaso Rizzi presented his work "Exploring Process-Voltage-Temperature Variations Impact on 4T1R Multiplexers for Energy-aware Resistive RAM-based FPGAs" as a result of a long-term collaboration at the renowned IEEE International Integrated Reliability Workshop 2022 and received the Best Student Paper Award.

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Press Releases

Apply now for sponsorship awards 2023: IHP is looking for outstanding scientific work

Science needs young people - young people with new ideas. Therefore, the sponsoring association "Friends of IHP e. V." annually awards prizes for outstanding work with a scientific or technical focus. Pupils and students are currently invited to submit their projects.

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