Wireless Systems

The Wireless Systems department researches and develops solutions for wireless systems.

The Wireless Systems department consists of the two groups Wireless Sensor Networks and Middleware Platforms and Total Resilience. The Total Resilience group has a matrix structure, i.e. a part of the resilience topics are investigated in other departments. Both groups investigate complex cyber-physical systems of systems (CPSoS). The department is following a holistic approach starting from the development of hardware accelerators for cryptographic operations via concepts for the design of sensor nodes and communication protocols to realizing selected example applications. The investigations are addressing all application fields in which resource constraint devices are used in a network, these are the Internet of Things (IoT), e-health, Industry 4.0, agriculture 4.0 and environmental monitoring. Thus, energy efficiency, security, reliability and resilience are the core research topics. The group Total Resilience researches questions concerning metrics for resilience, how to test the level of resilience achieved, as well as methodologies for developing resilient CPSoS.

Technical Competencies

  • application engineering for context sensitive wireless applications including security and privacy
  • distributed systems knowledge for the design and development of middleware components
  • local and body-area wireless networking
  • elastic computing
  • protocol sesign & in network processing 
  • middleware
  • hardware security 
  • artificial intelligence
  • resilience: metrics, specific solutions and design methodologies

Technical Basis

Equipment: Langer IC-Scanner + Set of EM-samples for detection as well ass EM-pulse generation, Riscure Laser Station + 3 Diode laser (Red Single mode, Red Multimode, IR Multimode); Riscure Software (Inspector FI, Inspector SCA), own analysis software; own ECC VLSI Designs, Highend Oszilloscope & Spektrum Analyzer

Prof. Peter Langendörfer

Department Head

Im Technologiepark 25
15236 Frankfurt (Oder)

Franziska Koch
Phone: +49 335 5625 764
Fax: +49 335 5625 671
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