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Honorary professorship for Dr. Zoya Dyka

Dr. Zoya Dyka, leader of the research group Hardware Security at the IHP, was appointed honorary professor for Hardware Security at the Faculty 1 of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg on 29.11.2022. This will further deepen the long-standing and intensive relationship between BTU and IHP. The honorary professorship combines research of IHP and BTU in the field of IT security, especially for embedded systems. "With Prof. Dr. Dyka we have another bridge to the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, which will enable a deepening of our research cooperation within the Joint Lab, but also a closer involvement of students in corresponding projects with a focus on security", says Prof. Milos Krstic, Head of Department System Architectures at the IHP, where the research group headed by Ms. Dyka is located.

With more than 70 peer-reviewed publications, five granted patents and review activities for renowned journals, Prof. Dr. Dyka is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of hardware security. Since 2001, she has conducted research in the areas of hardware security and the implementation of cryptographic algorithms, as well as the study of side-channel attacks. She has been actively involved in establishing this research area at IHP. Her collaboration with the BTU has been ongoing since 2012. The professorship will strengthen Brandenburg's research in the field of IT security with the goal of creating solutions in socially relevant application areas such as telemedicine, Industry 4.0.

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