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Kick-off of the German-Polish joint project SpaceRegion

SpaceRegion- Cross-border integration of the space sector © IHP

Frankfurt (Oder)/Zielona Góra. In July this year, the first joint project "SpaceRegion" was launched by CBK (Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, Zielona Gora) and IHP (Leibniz Institute for Innovative Microelectronics, Frankfurt (Oder)). The project, financed by the EU within the INTERREG V A BB-PL programs, aims at the cross-border integration of the space sector and a long-term, close cooperation between the two research centres. In addition to the technical expertise of both institutions, the geographical proximity of the project partners also forms a promising basis for the success of the project.

Due to the current limitations of COVID-19, the kick-off meeting between the project partners on 19 August 2020 took place in virtual form. During the meeting, the objectives and the scope of the project activities were discussed. The project work will focus on the definition and development of case studies on scientific topics in innovative areas. As conditions in space are different from those on Earth, clever solutions, such as algorithms, are needed to control a robot arm (manipulator). And since artificial intelligence is also important in space, fault-tolerant AI structures as well as solutions for intelligent sensors are going to be investigated.

The project partners also plan to establish a network with representatives of local industry who are active (or willing to become active) in the space sector and to implement space-oriented education in schools and universities.

It is planned to establish an educational programs in the form of courses to stimulate the interest of young people and to overcome initial concerns about the complicated and easily overwhelming subject of space studies. The educational activities will take the form of a series of meetings at local secondary schools and universities in the region.

Similarly, it is planned to organize a series of meetings for local government to raise awareness of the potential of space technologies to solve real problems in the sector. In addition, both the project and the cross-border region will be supported by all available means (including its own website, social media, local public events) to inform the public about its objectives, achievements, space science and technology.

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