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PhD thesis awarded

Dr. Costanza Lucia Manganelli (left) received the certificate by Dr. Silvia Maria Pietralunga

The award for the Best Doctoral Thesis in Optoelectronics, awarded by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Photonics Society Italian Chapter goes to IHP scientist Costanza Lucia Manganelli. Her work “Investigation and Modeling of Novel Silicon based Integrated Optics” convinced the committee. At the symposium “Fotonica 2018”, where she also presented her activity on “Efficient On-Chip Tunable Selective Switches for Optical Interconnections” developed at IHP,  she received the certificate by the Chair Dr. Silvia Maria Pietralunga.

“This award is a confirmation of my previous research,” says Dr. Costanza Lucia Manganelli.  She successfully defended her PhD in Photonic Technologies at the “Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna” in Pisa under the guidance of Fabrizio Di Pasquale. The evaluation committee judged her work to be awarded for her scientific contribution to  the analysis and development of innovative materials and approaches for optoelectronic applications.

Since November 2017, Dr. Costanza Lucia Manganelli has been supporting the Materials Research Department at IHP –  Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics. As a  one-year Leibniz-DAAD grant, she will carry out in close collaboration with IHP scientists state-of-the-art theoretical investigations on the potential use of strained Germanium microstructures for future Si CMOS compatible photonic applications. Under the guidance of Prof. Giovanni Capellini, the unique selling point of the project is to correlate predictive theoretical insights with the performances of material and device realized in IHP´s cleanroom facility. Her calculations should show how the modification induced on the germanium lattice can impact the optoelectronic properties of the material.

Scuola Sant'Anna
IEEE Photonics Society Italian Chapter

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