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Targeted career advancement for women scientists

Preparatory workshop for the Leibniz Mentoring Program

Dr. Costanza Lucia Manganelli from the Leibniz institute IHP – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics was selected for this year's Leibniz mentoring program for her excellent research achievements.
Ms. Manganelli has been working at IHP in the Materials Research Department since 2017. Her current research focuses on the modeling of optical properties of strained semiconductors and plasmonics for biosensors.

With the aim of promoting equal opportunities and increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions in research, the Leibniz Association accompanies 30 highly qualified postdocs from various German Leibniz institutes on their career path. As part of the Leibniz mentoring program, the participants are intensively prepared to take on management tasks within 16 months with the help of seminars, networking meetings and coaching as well as individual mentoring tandems and are supported in setting up a specialist network.

The focus of the program is the tandem relationship between a manager (mentor) and a young scientist (mentee). Regular meetings are intended to promote the professional development of the mentee and to recognize and develop their skills and competencies. In addition, there are seminars on topics such as the development of career strategies, the acquisition of key competencies and access to research funding.

"I am very happy that I was accepted into this varied program and I very much hope that this will enable me to control my research and my career even more purposefully," said Ms. Manganelli. The role of mentor for Ms. Manganelli is taken on by Prof. Dr. Ulla Wollenberger from the University of Potsdam.

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