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Young Scientist Award for Costanza Manganelli

During the 19th Conference on Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology, short GADEST, IHP scientist Costanza Manganelli received the Young Scientist Award. She presented her work “A comprehensive analysis of thermo-opto-mechanical properties of Germanium micro-structures”. The related activity is a result of a collaboration with Universita’ di Pisa, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Universita’ di Roma Tre, and IHP. At IHP, Costanza Manganelli worked with her colluegue Ignatii Zaitsev and got the supervision of Dr. Davide Spirito.

The GADEST conference is devoted to semiconductor defect physics, materials science and device technology and focuses on both fundamental as well as technological aspects of defects, growth, processing and modelling of electronic materials and devices, ranging from microelectronics to photovoltaics. Since 1985, this international conference has been gaining in importance. The GADEST 2022 took place in Mondsee (Austria) from 10 to 16 September 2022.


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