5G-COMPLETE aims to revolutionize the 5G architecture, by efficiently combining compute and storage resource functionality over a unified ultra-high capacity converged digital/analog Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) Radio Access Network (RAN). By employing the recent advances in Ethernet fronthauling introduced by the eCPRI Standard as a launching point, 5G-COMPLETE introduces and combines a series of key technologies under a unique architectural proposition that brings together i) the high capacity of fiber and high-frequency radio, ii) the audacity of converged FiWi fronthauling, iii) the spectral efficiency of analog modulation and coding schemes, iv) the flexibility of mesh self-organized networks, v) the efficiency of high-speed and time-sensitive packet-switched transport, vi) the rapid and cost-efficient service deployment through unikernel technology and finally vii) an enhanced security framework based on post-Quantum cryptosystems. 5G-COMPLETE's proposed converged Computing/Storage/RAN infrastructure effectively merges the 5G New Radio fronthaul/midhaul/backhaul faculties into one common Ethernet-based platform and transforms the RAN into a low-power distributed computer concept.


European Union, Horizon 2020

Project partners

  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
  • Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis
  • University of Bristol
  • Siklu Communication Ltd.
  • Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications
  • Nextworks
  • Mellanox Technologies Ltd.
  • Adva Optical Networking SE
  • Nubificus Ltd.
  • Cosmote Kinites Tilepikoinonies A.E.
  • Orange S.A.
  • Accelleran

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