Development of a Space-Qualified Analog-to-Digital Converter


The main objective of the SPAD project is the investigation of architectures for high-resolution analog-to-digital conversion based on European microelectronic technologies and the subsequent implementation of radiation hardened ADC-chips for operation in a space environment. The main result of the project will thus be an ADC with a resolution of more than 13 bit at 10 to 15 Msps. A low energy consumption (< 100 mW) will be achieved by using IHP's SG13S BiCMOS technology. In addition, the ADC will be prepared for formal qualification by European space standards. An additional objective of SPAD is to develop a radiation hardened IP kernel (microelectronic functional block) on the basis of the ADC which can be integrated into other larger and more complex systems. From a research perspective SPAD will deliver valuable results regarding the feasibility evaluation of complex mixed-signal designs for aerospace for which contradicting requirements for high performance, low energy consumption and radiation hardness exist.


The project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE) and the Investment Bank of the Federal State of Brandenburg (ILB).

Project partners

  • ARQ-D Arquimea Ingeniera
  • ARQ-I Arquimea Ingeniera

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