GeSn Laser II 

The project is a follow-up of a previous  DFG project  that led to the demonstration of optically pumped laser based on (Si)GeSn/GeSn heterostructures. This was the first step towards the realization of an integrated light source operating in the NIR/MIR range. In this GeSn Laser II project, we aim at realizing  an electrically pumped laser, possibly operating above Peltier temperatures.  The proposed devices  are based on µm-sized disks and rings lithographically defined in Si)GeSn/GeSn heterostructures​ with the emitted laser light  decoupled laterally fby a notch.


This project is funded by DFG

Project Partners

  • RWTH Aachen
  • FZ Jülich
  • University of Stuttgart

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